when teens play the “trash”

This new social network come to Latvia a hit among youngsters. Not without skidding.

Finished Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Teens now burst on In March, 1.3 million French there were registered, four times more than in October 2012, according to a study “Médiamétrie” relayed by “Le Monde” . The site became the third social network in France in terms of time spent behind Twitter and Facebook. A tremendous success and yet escaped an entire segment of the population. And for good reason: Half of French users are teenagers under 17 years. But the phenomenon is not without problems and abroad the site has already hit the headlines for its excesses involving ever younger users. So what does this is responsible for making presentations.

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How it works In contrast to Twitter, whose purpose is not always evident to the youngest, the principle is extremely simple: users communicate with each other by asking questions anonymously (“ask “also means” ask “in English). And it works: established in Latvia in June 2010 already ranks at the 91st place worldwide websites according to audience measurement agency comScore. With its 53 million members in 2013 against 5,000,000 in April 2012, the site has even become, in three years, the 10th global network. A boom which can also be explained by the fact that each member is invited to share its activities by encouraging its Facebook “friends” to join him.

Why seduces teens? First, anyone without registering on the site may ask you questions.  And in the intrigues courses récrés the concept becomes important. “This will ask questions anonymously. Questions that we can not necessarily ask face to face,” said a young user of 15 years in Europe 1 microphone.

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“If you have a lover, you can find out if he likes someone else. If you are angry, you can get information like this,” she says.”It’s interesting to know what people want to know about you,” said one of those friends. “This may be sometimes stupid questions like ‘what is your favorite? Color.” But it’s funny, “she says, convinced.


Report abuse – ask fm hack

Social media websites are the popular hangouts for people of all ages these days. The network of people, the wealth of information shared, the passing of time without much expenditure, and the entertainment keeps people glued to this virtual world. As with anything good there is also something bad. Cyber bullying and harassment is on the rise. There seems to be a increase in the number of people who suffer silently from the bullying.

Ask fm is one social media website that is raging amongst people these days. The users who create an account on the site can ask questions to other users and follow their updates too. This could be quite a boon since people can interact with others from different walks of lives and who are experts in specialized areas.

The site offers a feature of anonymity. One can login to their account and choose to ask a question or post a comment anonymously. This was brought in as a feature since some people would not like to express an opinion or suggestion publicly. Hence with this feature they can express themselves freely without the fear of being judged.

This feature gets abused. People who want to target certain others do so by asking offensive questions and such by doing so anonymously. They do so to be hurtful. In some cases people just take to bullying without any personal reasons. They simply do so for the fun of it and their feeling of superiority. It is simply bullying online.

Ask fm hack can help to stop this very easily. One can use it on linux or android or windows too. it is very simple to use and can be done very fast too. Open the tool and then type your user name. Along with that you can type in your email address. You will then be required to complete a small and simple survey. Only if you complete the survey your application would be considered.

Once the application has been accepted one can get the identity of the person who has been posting such comments. Now you can report the user and block them from coming anywhere near you on ask fm.

This indeed turns out to be a boon to stop such acts. Some people have had nasty shocks to find people they trust and are close to them to be double crossing and back stabbing them. Do you have someone to find out? Go ahead.